Examples of The Continuing REFORMED Global Legacy of the Reformation

February 2, 2018
Sam Logan

During the Spring of 2017, various members of the World Reformed Fellowship were invited to answer the following question with respect to the part of the world in which they lived and/or ministered: "What do you see as the legacy and the present state of the Refomed movement in your country?"

We received numerous answers, some challenging but nearly all very encouraging.

Each of the responses was written by a person who is either an individual member of the WRF or the official contact person for one of our denominational, congregational, or organizational members.

The reports they have written are obviously their own perspectives and not necessarily the perspective of the WRF as a whole. However, each of the authors has subscribed to the theological and biblical commitments of the WRF.

We present them unedited here for the benefit of the global church.

All of the reports are attached to this item.  To read a specific report, click on the appropriate link below.