Encouraging One Another in Christ

October 2, 2018
Sam Logan

The WRF has just received a copy of a letter one of our members in Australia sent to one of our members in Ethiopia.

This letter was meant simply to encourage the member in Ethiopia that other Christians were actively praying for him and I have attached a copy of the letter to this item. Perhaps many who are reading this item already do things like this but, if not, we would suggest that you consider it. Here is a list of the 65 countries where the WRF has members:

Albania, Angola, Argentina, Australia, Bangladesh, Benin, Brazil, Burundi, Cambodia, Canada, Chile, Colombia, The Czech Republic, The Democratic Republic of Congo, East Timor, Egypt, England, Ethiopia, France, Germany, Guatemala, Haiti, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Israel, Italy, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Latvia, Liberia, Lithuania, Madagascar, Malawi, Mexico, Myanmar, Nepal, New Zealand, The Netherlands, Nigeria, Northern Ireland, Pakistan, Paraguay, Peru, The Philippines, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Romania, Russia, Scotland, Sierra Leone, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, South Sudan, Spain, Swaziland, Tanzania, Turkey, Uganda, The USA, Wales, The West Bank, Zambia, Zimbabwe.

We have contact information for all of our members and, If you would like such information about a member or members in any specific country, just let us know – sloganwrf@gmail.com

This is yet another way in which "the strengths of some become the strengths of all in the service of Jesus Christ."

Thanks for considering this suggestion.

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