From Cairo to Cape Town: Presbyterian Missions and Churches in Africa

April 16, 2020
Sam Logan

 From Cairo to Cape Town: Presbyterian Missions and Churches in Africa

Announcing a three-year publication project co-ordinated by Haddington House Trust 2020-2023 

Led by WRF Executive Committee Member Dr. Jack Whytock

PUBLICATION RELEASE DATE: 1 JANUARY, 2024 for The 200th Anniversary of The Establishment of The First Presbytery on The Continent of Africa


• to promote the writing of evangelical Presbyterian mission and church history for African church history

• to promote exchanges through this project and new networks so people become aware of one another and of other missions and churches, agencies etc. who have or continue to be involved in Africa

• to produce this work as a textbook for theological training institutions for classes and libraries across Africa and also globally


1. identify and find writers who can assemble chapters for this collection

2. edit work and provide a forum for writing and publication (average chapter length about 5,000 words)

3. produce a new textbook for African church history

The following topics as chapters will be considered:

• denominational histories/missions and churches

• regional histories

• specialized ministries

• institutional development/history (hospitals, colleges, etc.)

• diaspora

• controversies

• themes

• Ethiopianism, Presbyterianism

• Other (contact The General Editor)

For more information or to submit a chapter proposal, contact:

The General Editor, Dr. Jack Whytock –

Presbyterians Africa History