PCA Report on Same Sex Relationships

May 28, 2020
Dr. Roy Taylor

In June 2019, the 47th PCA General Assembly in Dallas adopted a recommendation from its Overtures Committee directing the Moderator to “appoint the seven voting members who shall be either PCA teaching or ruling 10 elders, and the Committee shall include at least three teaching and three ruling elders.”

 Below is a summary of the matters addressed by the Committee:

 1. An annotated bibliography;

 2.  The nature of temptation, sin, repentance, and the difference between Roman Catholic and  Reformed views of concupiscence as regards same-sex attraction; 

 3.  The propriety of using terms like “gay Christian” when referring to a believer struggling with  same-sex attraction;

 4,  The status of “orientation” as a valid anthropological category;

 5.  The practice of “spiritual friendship” among same-sex attracted Christians;

          6. An analysis of The Westminster Larger Catechism regarding same-sex attraction, with careful attention given to the compatibility of the 7th commandment and same-sex attraction and the pursuit of celibacy by those attracted to the same sex;

          7. An exegesis of the terms “malakoi” and “arsenokoitai” (1 Cor. 6:9);

          8. Suggested ways to articulate and defend a Biblical understanding of homosexuality, same-sex attraction, and transgenderism in the context of a culture that denies that understanding.


The full report is attached to this article.

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