December 24, 2015
It is my privilege to be a member of two outstanding organizations that exist to serve that part of the church that, in words of Cornelius Plantinga, “speaks Christian, but with a Reformed accent.”
December 22, 2015
As 2015 slinks toward the finish line, it is readily apparent that everywhere one looks people are desperately searching for someone or something to save us from our deepest dreads.
November 19, 2015
Step back and look at the big picture. The view is disturbing.
November 17, 2015
A Prayer for the City of Light in this Present Darkness
October 29, 2015
I only want to point us to some examples of three Calvinist voices from the past who, while clearly opposed to the officials teachings of the Roman Church of their day, nonetheless refused simply to condemn Catholicism as such.
October 27, 2015
The WRF desires to be a place where orthodox and evangelical Reformed Christians from around the world may dialogue with one another openly and frankly and respectfully
October 27, 2015
We must never surrender our fundamental commitment to the unity of the church, even though, for us, it is primarily a unity in faith, not in structural organization.
October 27, 2015
Evangelicals are not immune to Francis’s charm and kindness: many are attracted by his seemingly biblical language (e.g. conversion, mission, personal relationship with Jesus) and his less formal type of spirituality.
October 26, 2015
The wicked, those who oppose God and his truth, ultimately fade from view. Every time.
October 15, 2015
How should those who believe that the Bible is "without error" in all that it teaches and who subscribe to one of the historic Reformed confessions view the Supreme Pontiff of the Roman Catholic Church?