Thomas Johnson on The Link Between General Revelation and Missions - Part 1

The attachment below will take you to the first in a series by Dr. Thomas Johnson on the theme of "Missions Training and the General Revelation of God."

Dr. Johnson is a member of the World Reformed Fellowship and Professor of Theology, Philosophy, and Public Policy for the International Institute for Christian Studies and Vice President for Research, Martin Bucer European School of Theology and Research Institutes. Please send corrections and comments to



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This essay has shed more light to my understanding not only of Paul's letter to the Romans but more importantly to my understanding of the dynamics of Christian missions in what has been generally, and oftentimes wrongly, considered 21st century highly secularistic world that we live in.  Prof. Johnson is right.  We oftentimes overlook the basic foundation general revelation has already laid in creation and in human consciousness in our missionary and evangelistic efforts that we fail to link it with God's special revelation in the gospel.