Through involvement with the WRF, member organizations are providing channels for networking and forming partners to share gifts and resources and to make pressing needs known to the larger body of Christ.

As one example, the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church is starting a new ministry which they call T3 Mobile Theological Education. The ARP sees this is one way of fulfilling their obedience to the Great Commission. Through this ministry they are recruiting and sending out “visiting professors” to small pastoral training institutions in poorer countries of the world to assist them in the training and sending out of indigenous pastors, missionaries and church planters. This ministry was advertised through the channels of WRF. Mukhanyo Theological College and Community Developments Centre in South Africa (which is affiliated with the WRF) had exactly that need and a link was established.

As a result a partnership relationship is now being developed whereby T3 Mobile Theological Education of the ARP will send faculty at their cost to teach a minimum of four (4) courses each year at Mukhanyo. They also want to provide a minimum of two (2) continuing education events at each partner institution for indigenous pastors who are affiliated with Mukanyo. Furthermore they are willing to provide academic and administrative counsel to Mukanyo by a minimum of two (2) sessions each year with MTC faculty and/or staff.

This specific example, and all of the activities of the WRF in Africa and around the world, embody the best of Reformed Ecumenism.

Or, as an African might say it, “Those who want to go fast, go alone; those who want to go far, go together.”

In addition to the above-mentioned partnership relationship, the African Regional Ministry Advisory Board is planning an African Regional Conference which will deal with several topics related to the general theme of “Being a Bible-Centered Christian in Africa Today.” It is likely that this conference will be held during the summer of 2008.

For further information about the activities and plans of the Africa Council, contact Dr. Flip Buys or Dr. Derrick Mashau through the "Contact us" section of this website.


  • Dr. Flip Buys, Chairman
  • Prof. Derrick Mashau, Secretary
  • Prof. Christopher Rabali
  • Rev. Colin Mbawa
  • Rev. Peterson Sozi
  • Rev. Richard Verreyne