The inaugural meeting of the European Regional Ministry Advisory Board of the WRF took place in London on 20th March 2002. At that meeting a Board of Reference and a Steering Group were established. The members of the Board of Reference are effectively the ‘patrons’ of the European Regional Ministry Advisory Board and the members of the Steering Group are the ones who manage the work on a day to day basis. Those who agreed to serve on the Board of Reference are: The Rev Eric J. Alexander; Dr Sinclair B. Ferguson; Dr John Blanchard; Professor Dr Jochum Douma; Professor Dr Eric Peels; Dr Jan van der Graf; The Rev Daniel Szabó and Professor Henri Blocher. 

Those present at the London meeting formed a Steering Group and a committee was chosen. There have been further meetings in Scotland, in the Czech Republic and in Holland. The current members of the committee are: Chairman: Professor David McKay (Northern Ireland); Vice Chairman: Dr Leonardo de Chirico (Italy); Secretary: Professor Andrew McGowan (Scotland); Additional Members: Dr Jan van der Graaf (Holland); Dr Emil Bartos (Romania); Professor Paul Wells (France). 

The European Regional Ministry Advisory Board is at a very early stage in its development but did host a conference in the Netherlands in October of 2007 The theme of that conference was “The Challenge of the New Europe.” Speakers at the conference included Lord MacKay of Clashfern, former Lord Chancellor of the UK; Sir Fred Catherwood, former Vice President of the European Parliament; Professor Roel Kuiper, Professor at the Erasmus University of Rotterdam and member of the Senate of the Dutch Parliament; Professor Henri Blocher, French theologian and Chairman of the Fellowship of European Evangelical Theologians; Dr Peter Jones, New Testament scholar and founder of CWiPP (Christian Witness to a Pagan Planet); Professor Paul Wells, a systematic theologian who teaches at Aix en Provence; Dr Emil Bartos, pastor and theologian from Romania; and Dr Leonardo de Chirico, theologian and vice president of the Italian Evangelical Alliance. 

For further information, contact Dr. Andrew McGowan.