Prayers for Bangladesh

NOTE from Sam Logan:

The World Reformed Fellowship has received two prayer requests from our fellow believers in Bangladesh.

The first has come in the form of a letter (below) describing a missions consultation to be held in Bangladesh August 21 - 23, 2008.

The second request relates to the approval of candidates for the ministry in the new Presbyterian Church of Bangladesh.  The first such candidates are to be examined on September 9, 2008.  Please pray for this process and for the candidates.  The Presbyterian Church of Bangladesh is designed to serve and to minister to Muslim converts. 

If anyone desires to make direct contact with individuals who are involved in this work in Bangladesh, contact me and I will arrange that contact.  My e-mail address is

04 August 2008

Dear Brethren,

Greetings from Isai Fellowship in Bangladesh [IFB], a national association for the churches, para-churches and individuals from majority religious background.

Since its establishment, it has been prayerfully persevering to work for the spiritual and socio-economic benefit not only for the Isais but for the Christian community as a whole. IFB believes in maintaining live relationship with Christian believers from all backgrounds.

For coming up with more realistic and strategic plans for reaching the majority religious group and planting churches among them, IFB has been praying to hold a Mission Consultation 2008 with the following objectives:

1. To study, explore, evaluate the history of mission progress [Catholic and Protestant] and its impact among Muslims, the majority religious group;

2. To facilitate a venue of the presentation for the mission thinkers from various backgrounds like nationals - MBBs and traditionals, missionaries [present and retired], and para-church organizations;

3. To come up with a unified and unanimous or possibly close approach and method for M ministry and to reduce maximum disagreement, criticism and competition among the evangelicals;

4. To remind the Biblical and cultural mandate, encourage and strengthen the mission groups for more active ministry among the Ms;

5. To challenge the missions/churches who are still inactive or passive in M evangelism and church planting;

6. To come up with a plan for developing needed resources and researches [media, literature, specialized institute or Bible school, field application] for M ministry, sharing and integrating those to enhance corporate benefit;

7. To challenge the post-modern non-evangelical groups or over-contextualized groups to go in line with evangelicals and solid Biblical approaches and methodologies;

8. To honor and give recognition to those who have contributed largely in M evangelism;

9. To link the nationals with the internationals in M works;

10. To formulate, draft and finalize the Bangladesh Declaration;

11. To give hope and direction for the rising mission leaders.

Dates & Days: 21-23 August 2008, Thursday-Saturday

So, we invite you to bless the Consultation by your prayer and presence.

Pastor AH
Convener, Mission Consultation 2008

On Behalf of
Isai Fellowship in Bangladesh