Announcing a New Volume on Calvin's Vision for World Missions

John Calvin as a Forerunner of World Missions

This is a a collection of essays published upon the anniversary of Calvin's Birth.

Calvin not only had the global proclamation of the message of God's grace in view. He also sent the first missionaries to Brazil. It is not by accident that churches in countries influenced by the Reformed faith such as The Netherlands, Scotland, England and, more recently, South Korea have played a leading role in world missions. That is at any rate the essence of a collection of 16 research articles drawn from the last 125 years of work conducted on Calvin's view of missions.

The volume, which in large part contains articles written in English, appears in the 'mission classics' series published by the task force for Evangelical missiology. It appears as a co-production of the VTR Publications (Nuremberg) and the VKW Culture and Science Publ. (Bonn). With the release of this volume at the end of the year commemorating Calvin's birth, Martin Bucer Seminary presents a reminder that John Calvin was also a guide for and planner of Evangelical missions.

A similar collection of essays addressing the relationship between world missions and Martin Bucer already appeared in German in 2006 with the title Martin Bucer als Vorreiter der evangelischen Mission (Martin Bucer as a Forerunner of Protestant Missions).?

Bibliographical Details:

Thomas Schirrmacher (ed.). Calvin and World Mission: Essays. 2009. 204 pp. ISBN 978-3-938116-84-5 (VKW), ISBN 978-3-941750-20-3 (VTR).

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