Calvin's Influence on the Scottish Reformation

A new book, Continental Calvinian Influences on the Scottish Reformation, argues for seeing the Calvinian influnce as the most significant influnece for the Scottish reform movement of 1560. It examines John Calvin's understanding of discipline and interpretations of it by the wider continental Calvinian family, particularly John a Lasco, Valerand Poullain and the French Reformed Church, and their contributions and influneces on the Scottish Reformation. 

The book has an extended conclusion which offers stimulating discussion on the nature of semper reformanda and the doctrine of the church as inherited from the 1560 period. The Foreword is by WRF member Dr. P.J. (Flip) Buys who wrrites:" We find the same two extremes [in Africa] that are found in the West--either no discipline is being applied or a formalistic and legalistic spirit in the application of church discipline is adopted, which leads to its abuse.  Discipline then becomes the enforcement of uniformity rather than the correction of an actual denial of the gospel or blatant immorality."

The author, Jack Whytock, is also a member of WRF and the author of An Educated Clergy: Scottish Theological Education (the Foreword for which was wtritten by WRF member Andrew McGowan).

Individuals may purschase a copy of this new book, on Continental Calvinian Influneces on the Scottish Reformation for $39.95 US by emailing  for a discount sheet; otherwise the library book rate applies. This special discount rate applies until the end of May 2010. Bibliographical details: Jack C. Whytock, Continental Calvinian Influneces on the Scottish Reformation (1560) Edwin Mellen Press, 2009. 160pp. ISBN 978-0-7734-4751-6.