World Evangelical Alliance Endorses Statement on "The Ethics of Missions"


The World Evangelical Alliance, of which the World Reformed Fellowship is a member, has endorsed and published a statement on "The Ethics of Missions" and that statement is available through the link below.

Key participants in the development of the statement were WRF Members Dr. Thomas K. Johnson and Dr. Thomas Schirrmacher.  Below the link to the statement is further information about Drs. Johnson and Schirrmacher.

Members of the WRF are urged to read to to post responses to this document.

Prof. Dr. Thomas Schirrmacher is a member of the World Reformed Fellowship.  He is Rector of Martin Bucer Seminary (Bonn, Zürich, Innsbruck, Prague, Istanbul); professor of sociology of religion at the State University of Oradea, Romania; director of the International Institute for Religious Freedom of the World Evangelical Alliance and Speaker for Human Rights and chairman of the Theological Commission of the WEA. He holds the following doctorates: Ecumenical Theology from Kampen, Netherlands (1985); Cultural Anthropology from Los Angeles (1989); and Comparative Science of Religion from the University of Bonn (2007). Dr. Schirrmacher's e-mail address is .

Prof. Dr. Thomas K Johnson is a member of the World Reformed Fellowship. He is Vice President for Research of Martin Bucer Seminary; Director of the Comenius Institute (Prague); Professor of Theology, Philosophy, and Public Policy (International Institute for Christian Studies); Adjunct Professor of Social Communication (Vilnius Pedagogical University, Lithuania); and Doctoral Professor of Theology and Interdisciplinary Studies (Olivet University). He has taught theology and philosophy for eleven universities and theological schools in nine countries as well as served as pastor of three evangelical churches, including being a church planter. Dr. Johnson's e-nmail address is