Solas Centre Submission to Scottish Government Regarding Same Sex Marriage

Solas Submission to Scottish Government Consultation on Same Sex Marriage 

The Solas Centre for Public Christianity has made a submission to the Scottish Government Consultation on Same Sex Marriage. The submission is written by Gordon Wilson, the former leader of the Scottish National Party and Chairman of Solas, and WRF member David Robertson, the Director of Solas and Minister of St Peters Free Church in Dundee.  Solas is an ecumenical Christian charity whose aim is to promote the positive teaching of Christianity in the public sphere.
The submission argues that the key issue here is not one of homosexual rights and equality, but rather one of the definition of marriage.   It is argued that no government has the right to ‘redefine’ marriage and that indeed to attempt to do so is to destroy marriage.    The authors also contend that this attack on marriage is a violation of the human rights of those who have been married under the traditional understanding of marriage and is in violation of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and the European Convention of Human Rights.
The submission expresses concern at the continuing attacks upon the Christian understanding of marriage and the increasing intolerance that these attacks manifest in contemporary secular culture.   The Scottish Parliament is urged to reject same sex marriage. The authors argue that if the relationship of Scotland to the rest of the United Kingdom is worthy of a referendum, then the relationship of Scotland to that most vital of societal institutions, marriage, is also worthy of a referendum.
The text of the submission is available via the link below.
Solas CPC
10th October 2011
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