Christ is Like a "Hodos" by M. K. MacDougall

"Christ is Like a 'Hodos'"
M. K. MacDougall

"Hodos" is the Greek word for "path" or "way."

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This is now the third such article by M. K. MacDougall posted on the WRF website.  These three articles and a number of additional ones are now available as an online book.  Here are the details:


Glimpsing God: An Alphabet of Theological Metaphors

By M. K. MacDougall

This book contains the entire alphabet of metaphors for God. Many thanks to WRF member Rick Brown, for his hard work with designing the cover; to Karen Wilson, for help with finding a good title; and to Anees Zaka and WRF member Sam Logan, for two great endorsements!
To buy the book, go to and search for Glimpsing God. You want the first title that comes up. Then simply click "Add to cart" and follow the website's instructions from there. All proceeds will be funding the author's summer studies in Cambridge, England. Your support is much appreciated - thank you!
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