Report on Preaching Conference in Uganda by WRF Member Mabonga Robert


The material below was submitted by WRF member Pastor Mobonga Robert in Uganda.  Pastor Robert may be contacted at

All of the presentations at the conference which Pastor Robert describes may be accessed through the website of the New Westminster Chapel in New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada.  The link to that website is provided at the end of the first paragraph below.


Brief Report from the Preaching Conference in Uganda

18 July, 2012

It is with many thanks and praises to the Almighty God for making the five-day Preachiung Conference which place in Uganda from June 4-8, a great success. The conference was organized around the theme, “The Supremacy of Christ in Preaching” with the aim of equipping pastors to faithfully preach Christ from all Scripture. ALL the conference messages can be accessed here for FREE. Please feel free to share them with others as you have opportunity.

Representatives from each of the countries present at the conference

The conference drew participants from eight (10) different countries (i.e. Malawi, Uganda, Kenya, Burundi, Congo, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Cameroon and the United States of America). For us, this was a great milestone and we praise the Lord for making us a part of it. The majority of the conference participants and speakers are gospel ministers from various denominations. Some are Bible College and Seminary students.

Each of the conference participants was given a very beautiful certificate of attendance, a copy of  The Supremacy of God in Preaching by John Piper and a booklet from Biblical Foundations International written by Linleigh Roberts. A few others also received Brothers, We Are Not Professionals, also by Dr. Piper.


  1. The conference was very important as it provided participants with very helpful tools for ministry. The teachings and presentations were quite transforming to many of them. This was evident in the testimonies from many of them who agreed that the conference will certainly have a great impact on their ministry and personal lives.

  2. We have invitations to continue hosting such conferences in the future. Many pastors were asking if JTW can consider organizing a similar conference in their respective countries next year. Most of them promised/pledged to help with organization of similar conference in their home countries. This gives a clear picture that there is a great need among pastors for refresher courses as well as theological training and such conference.
  3. Many of the pastors who attended the conference were lay men who have the passion to preach and for ministry. With their passion many have at least founded a church and others are helping with newly founded churches but their lack of proper theological training poses great challenges and threats to their ministries. This was evident in the questions they were asking and some of the issues that they are struggling with in respective church ministries. Such issues included women in ministry and polygamy among pastors. These two issues took ground in all the days of the conference during the panel discussion session. This is a clear picture that many of them need a proper doctrinal and biblical background.

It was truly a privilege to speak at the conference alongside great men of God like, Rev. Dr. Dennis Johnson (my former seminary professor from Westminster Seminary California, a WRF member organization); Dr. John Carson who currently serves as a theology professor with the Mobile Theological Training Team (MT3) of the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church (a WRF member denomination); Rev. Timothy K. Hoke, who is an instructor of biblical and pastoral studies at the African Bible University in Kampala, Uganda; Rev. Jerry Maguire, pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in Concord, Massachusetts (a congregation of the Presbyterian Church in America, a WRF member denomination); Rev. Gerald Sseruwagi, pastor of New City in Kampala, Uganda; and Rev. Dr. David Eby, Dean of Graduate Studies at Westminster Theological Seminary in Uganda.