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Silent No More

A Biblical Call for the Church to Speak to State and Culture

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Anything that presents itself as a force to hurt the souls of men is fair game for the pastor.


Silent No More is a collection of thoughtful essays that create a singular concern that the Gospel is applied to every area of life, including the power structures that often are labeled "off limits!" by the media, the intelligentsia, and too often even believers.
Milton faces down issues from the idolatry of Statism, praying in Jesus' name in civic clubs, and theological aberrations of justification to the seductive but dehumanizing effects of entertainment. He also models a pastoral approach of offering a way out from these dangers. From Biblical exegetical writing to popular commentaries of faith in the public square to sermons on God and government, Silent No More becomes the pallet for working out a portrait of a public theology that all believers can benefit from.
Anything that presents itself as a force to hurt the souls of men is fair game for the pastor according to the author.


An introduction by Dr. Douglas Kelly to the issues of Statism, and Milton's own concern for the pastoral-prophetic voice on matters of public morality and "bringing every thought captive" to the Gospel, make this a particularly relevant book in this season of thinking through politics and faith.


The volume is complete with a bibliography on the matter of Christian voices in the public square and an index. It is profitable reading for the classroom, in the office or study, on the back porch, or on a plane. One pastor wrote, "Buy one for your pastor, one for yourself and give another away." Bring your highlighter. You may not agree with everything Milton writes, but you will sense a heart for the broken no matter the "powers" addressed. It is, indeed, time for all of us to be "Silent No More."





"Michael Milton's book is an urgent, relevant and powerful wake-up call. Every pastor should read it--and encourage his church members to do so."

-John Blanchard


"Michael Milton has biblically displayed for the evangelical church in general and the pulpit in particular how the prophetic voice of the church can and should speak to the issues of the day."

-Harry L. Reeder, III


"Preachers like me have often remained silent. Let us teach and apply the Holy Bible, the Word and Will of God, to our national concerns, and as we obey His will, God blesses a people."

-James M. Baird, Jr.


"I encourage all men in the pulpit to read Silent No More by my dear friend and colleague Mike Milton. His insights, clear-headed thinking, pastoral heart and prophetic courage will both enlighten and encourage men to preach the full counsel of God."

-Michael F. Ross


"Carefully researched, artfully written, and helpful to God's people."

-Joel Belz


"My father, the late Dr. D. James Kennedy, believed passionately that the Word of God applies to all of life---including some of today's controversial issues. Dr. Mike Milton is willing to speak out. Silent No More shows the way for the Church to speak the truth in love."

-Jennifer Kennedy Cassidy



"It is only when Christian leaders courageously speak to the vital issues of the day that the distinctive fruits of Christian civilization can begin to flower in a culture: justice, mercy, and humility; art, music, and ideas; freedom, opportunity, and progress; beauty, goodness, and truth. In this much-needed book, Dr. Milton brilliantly, powerfully, and prophetically sounds that Good News proclamation from the rooftops."

-George Grant



"Dr. Michael Milton's challenge to be "Silent No More" is a thoughtful call for Americans to pause and consider where their country is headed. Apathy, fear and indifference often seem to rule the day. His analysis is uncomfortably accurate but leads to solutions which are full of hope and encouragement. America is at a cross-roads and this book will assist thinking people know which way to turn."

-Douglas E. Lee, Chaplain (Brig Gen) USAR (Ret)



When Michael Milton speaks we do well to listen. He is articulate and passionate. His concern for the Christian voice to be heard in our country should be shared by all believers in this time of cultural warfare and the loss of conscience in our nation and world. Dr Milton's insights are profound and moving. His recent appointment as chancellor of Reformed Theological Seminary affords him a platform for being a key player in the efforts to call the church back to its prophetic role in our country and in our world. I believe God has brought him into the kingdom for such a time as this.

-Rev. Gordon K. Reed



"One of the great problems in the modern evangelical church is self-censorship. While our society is imploding, while traditional morality is held up to ridicule, while religious freedom and the sacred right of conscience hangs in the balance, many pastors are amazingly silent. Yet the Word of God is just as relevant today as it ever was. For that reason, I'm pleased to recommend Dr. Mike Milton's Silent No More. May God use this book for His glory and others' good during this critical time in our history."

-Dr. Jerry Newcombe












The Confessions of Our Faith

Standard English Edition

ESV Proof Texts Printed on Each Page

COF Tan 3

With a new historical introduction by Dr. David Calhoun and theological editing by Rev. Brian W. Kinney, we are proud to present the first Standard English Edition of the Westminster Standards with ESV Proof Texts.

What exactly do we mean by "Standard English"? We mean as "we commonly talk today." Since we longer use the King James English in everyday conversation, it is reasonable that we should study the doctrines of the Reformed Faith in the accepted language of our day.


For instance, we no longer use words and phrases such as maketh, giveth, withal, sundry times, divers manner, etc. These and other words and phrases have been edited to reflect standard English usage. All theological terms, however, have been retained because they are standard Biblical words.










"The use of standard contemporary English words while retaining historical theological terms will make this Fortress Edition much more useful to twenty-first century users. I look forward to using it in my own private devotions."


--Jerry Bridges, author, The Pursuit of Holiness








The Confessions of Our Faith

Standard English Edition

Bible References Only on Each Page

James Dobson's Bringing up Girls





"I am delighted that these historic statements of the faith should be made available in these new and attractive formats. They will surely be valued and used across the world!"



--Iain H. Murray, Banner of Truth Trust




"Language has changed some since the Confession was originally written, and it is helpful to our generation to adjust some of the wording and style while maintaining the original language that is engaging, readable and understandable."


--Dominic A. Aquila, president

New Geneva Theological Seminary





"Believing that doctrine is life and life is doctrine we need to know the great

transformative truths contained in these standards. I commend it to you."


--Charles Dunahoo, Coordinator

Christian Education & Publications

Presbyterian Church in America




"This outstanding new edition with David Calhoun's very capable Historical Sketch sets the bar high for study and reflection of this timeless document."




--Timothy Russell, Assistant Pastor

Second Presbyterian Church, Memphis















Communion With Our God

Paula Rodriguez

Studies in the Westminster Shorter Catechims

Vol. 3

Communion With Our God




"Paula Rodriguez's book on a woman's perspective on the Shorter Catechism is by far the best study available for local WIC circle bible studies. In fact it would make excellent material for Sunday School classes for men as well as women. This would also be a wonderful tool for home bible study groups. She deals in depth with the theology of the Westminster Standards, but in a winsome and clear way. I would urge all Pastors and Sessions to review this grand work and recommend it to your church members and especially to the WIC in your churches. In an era of 'cut and paste' bible studies which have become so prevalent and popular, Paula's study on the Catechism with the available study guide is a welcome breath of fresh air."


-Gordon K. Reed, Pastor, Evangelist,

Conference Speaker


Living Right-Living Well
Paula Rodriguez
Studies in the Westminster Shorter Catechism
Vol. 2


Living Right


Outstanding! "The worship of God is serious business." Paula's statement summarizes her approach to the Decalogue and to the Christian life. I am thankful for this & commend it. Great work and thoroughly Biblical.

--Michael A. Milton, Ph.D.


Reformed Theological Seminary

"Real help for learning and teaching the first half of the Shorter Catechism will be found here."


--J.I. Packer, author, Knowing God



The Westminster Shorter Catechism has served for many years as an instrument to help believers understand the truths of Scripture, but its brevity on each question leaves room for further study. Paula Rodriguez's Bible studies on the Catechism is meeting this need. I highly recommend them.


--Jerry Bridges, author

The Pursuit of Holiness





"The worship of God is serious business. It is more than attending church on Sunday. It is the total giving of our lives to His glory. It is giving Him first priority in every part of our lives. The wonderful fact for us is that the more we give our lives to Him, the more peace and joy we can experience."

Created by God--Purchased by Christ
Paula Rodriguez
Studies in the Westminster Shorter Catechism
Vol. 1
James Dobson's Bringing up Girls

About This Work


The Westminster Confession of Faith and the Shorter Catechism which grew out of it are statements of doctrine which many people believe to be the best summary of what God has revealed to us through His Word. Our goal is that by entering into this study, you will gain a better understanding of the teaching that is called the Reformed faith, and that through this understanding, these doctrines will bring much peace and comfort to your life in Christ.


The Westminster Shorter Catechism has served for many years as an instrument to help believers understand the truths of Scripture, but its brevity on each question leaves room for further study. Paula Rodriguez's Bible studies on the Catechism are meeting this need. I highly recommend them.
--Jerry Bridges, author, The Pursuit of Happiness


Westminster Daily Devotional
Gordon K. Reed
James Dobson's Bringing up Girls

"It has been my privilege to sit under the ministry of Gordon Reed in my childhood, to benefit from his mentoring as his junior colleague while teaching in seminary, to serve as his assistant in a local church, and to work on the board of Word Ministries with him. He is a master teacher, faithful preacher and spiritual father to thousands. Having read and used his superb material on the Shorter Catechism for years, I enthusiastically commend The Westminster Daily Devotional. Dr. Reed loves the faith once-delivered and the Savior once delivered up, and loves to lead others into the true and saving knowledge of the Savior and his truth."


--J. Ligon Duncan, Sr. Pastor

First Presbyterian Church

Jackson, Mississippi


The Reason for Heaven
William Hendriksen
James Dobson's Bringing up Girls

"William Hendriksen's book ... is more timely today than when it was first written 45 years ago. Based solidly on Scripture, this book is a helpful corrective to much of the speculative writing on the rapture and the second coming of Christ that is so popular today.

--Jerry Bridges, author

The Pursuit of Holiness

"What destructive fancies and wild speculations would be avoided if only the church followed Hendriksen's wise guidance."


--Geoff Thomas, Pastor

Alfred Place Baptist Church

Aberystwyth, Wales


"In a time when all the fantasy and imagination of the Left Behind Series has caused much confusion about end times, reprinting Hendriksen's book at this moment is timely."


--Charles Dunahoo, Coordinator

Christian Education & Publications
Presbyterian Church in America



Confessions of Our Faith
Arabic Translation

COF Arabic Dr. Bassam Chedid


A new publication of the Westminster Standards translated into Arabic by Dr. Bassam Chedid, and known as The Children of Abraham Edition, is based on the Burgess manuscript and Caruthers edition, with minor exceptions added by the First American Presbyterian Assembly of 1789 and the First General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in America.



"This new volume shares the blessing with other children of Abraham in their own language. May the blessing of Abraham spread far and wide!"


--Robert C. (Ric) Cannada, Chancellor Emeritus, RTS



"If there's anything more foundational for Arabic speaking people-assuming their contribution of Arabic numerals and the availability of the Bible itself-it's hard to imagine what it might be other than the Confession and Catechism. Bravo!"


--Joel Belz, WORLD Magazine

"Having the Westminster Confession of Faith, along with the Catechisms in Arabic, will be a powerful tool in reaching out to the Muslims. We are deeply indebted for the efforts put forth in this important and strategic Arabic translation."


--Charles Dunahoo, CE&P, PCA


"The Westminster Confession of Faith, along with the accompanying Catechisms, is the most succinct statement of the theology of the Bible in print today. As one who has a love for the Arab people, I am delighted that the Confessions are now available to them in their own language."


--Jerry Bridges, author, The Pursuit of Holiness





"The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it"