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 Women in the Word provides important Bible study resources. 
     Click the links below for a treasure trove of

  • recorded talks from previous Workshops
  •  thought-provoking articles
  • annotated lists of book suggestions


For Recordings of 2018 Large Group Sessions click here.

For All Other Recordings of Workshop Lectures click here.

2017 Recordings   

Karen Jobes:  Genre? So What?

Karen Jobes:  three talks on Walking in the Truth:  Studies in John's Letters

  1. Walking in the Truth about Christ
  2. Walking in the Truth about Sin
  3. Walking in the Truth about Love

Also ~

  • Study Group Final Practice:  The Miracles of Jesus (led by Jackie Gober)
  • Pulling It All Together -- Q & A with Karen Jobes


2016 Recordings

Libbie Groves:  three talks on Change the Lens, Change the View:  How Concentric Contexts Help Us

  1. Daniel the Vegetarian Prophet (Daniel 1:11 - 16)
  2. Does God Really Want Us to be "Healthy, Wealthy and Wise?"  (Proverbs 3:9, 10)
  3. Is There More to Obedience than "Just Do it?"  (Ephesians 6:1 - 4)


Click here for Paige Britton's 27-minute YouTube version of her 2016 talk, "Seeing a Tree, Remembering a Forest"
or listen to her talk with other 2016 recordings.  Explore practical tools for a "studied reading" of Scripture.

Also from 2016:

  • Study Group Final Practice using John 13:14, 15:   "Seeing the Magnitude of Jesus' Incarnation"
    led by Libbie Groves
  • Pulling It All Together Q & A with Libbie.  A great, quick review!

2015 Recordings

Carrie Sandom:  three talks on The Prayers of Hannah:  God at Work in the Midst of Suffering

     Outlines to accompany Carrie's first talk:  Intro to OT Narrative;   Handout Talk 1
     Outlines to accompany Carrie's second and third talks:  Handout Talk 2;   Handout Talk 3
     Carrie's "Pulling It All Together:  Study Tools for Understanding Old Testament Narrative" 

Paige Britton:  "The Lord's Anointed"
-- tracing the role of the "Anointed One"

     To accompany Paige's talk:  Timeline of Redemptive History;   Handout

     Click here for Paige's 36-minute YouTube version of her talk, now entitled "Traces of the Christ"

Psalm 23, with Possible Central Ideas:  Pulling It All Together Study Group Session 4 with Sue Logan.
      Handouts available with recording. 

2014 Recordings

            Rosemarie Green:  three talks on "The Sermon that Never Ends: Acts 7"

  Paige Britton:  "Connecting the Dots:  God's Intention to Bless the Nations"
                     To accompany Paige's talk, click here for talk outline; click here for biblical timeline.

           Click here for Paige's YouTube version of this 30-minute foundational lesson on tracing a theme through Scripture
                 This audio INCLUDES her PowerPoint slides.

2013 Recordings

         Paige Britton:  "Connecting the Dots," a 1/2 hour introduction to Paul's use of redemptive history
                                         printable handouts available at recording site

        Dr. Erika Moore:  three talks on the theme "Kingdom Rising" 
                                        printable outline available at recording site

        "Pulling It All Together" with Erika Moore and Rosemarie Green

2012 Paige Britton:  "Beginning with Moses:  Jesus' Story from Genesis to Revelation"
         Rosemarie Green:  three talks on "The Gospel of John: Life to the Full"

2010  Pre-Workshop Seminar on finding a central idea, taught by Libbie Groves

Among others, listen to Dr. Erika Moore's 2009 lectures on Ezekiel, a great resource for
  studying and teaching the Bible!  You'll want to have your Bible in hand!


   Articles written by members of the World Reformed Fellowship provide superb insights into
   issues related to reading, understanding, and teaching the Bible.

  1. "Pulling It All Together:  Study Tools for Understanding Old Testament Narrative"  by Carrie Sandom
  2. "On Reading Bible Stories"
    Excerpt from "An Introduction to Genesis" by Dr. Douglas J. Green
  3. "Making Sense of Inspiration: Some Notes for the Nervous" by Paige Britton
  4. Timeline of Redemptive History by Paige Britton
  5. "Reaping the Fruits of a Redemptive-Historical Reading of Scripture"
    by Paige Britton
  6. "Reading Between the Trees"
    by Paige Britton
  7. "Preparing for Church Membership"
    by Rev. John P. Wilson
    This nine-week course has several possible uses.  It has been enjoyed by parents
    preparing for the baptism of their child, young people applying for church membership,
    as well as Christians requesting transfer of membership from other denominations.
    In fact, the course may be employed profitably with anyone who is willing to see
    himself or herself as an inquirer into the faith.       


 Book Lists

  1. Click here for Kim Monroe's 2018 Book Suggestions
  2. Click here for Dr. Karen Jobes' 2017 Book Suggestions
  3. Click here for Libbie Groves' 2016 Book Suggestions.
  4. Click here for Carrie Sandom's 2015 Book Suggestions.
  5. Click here for an annotated book list of Gospel of John resources
  6. Click here for an annotated book list of “must-haves” and other selections for the libraries of Bible students and teachers   
  7. Click here for the 2013 additions, including suggestions for children