Meet our Speakers for 2018

October 12 and 13, 2018  
General Session Bible Teacher:  Kim Monroe

The Good News about God's Judgment




"My hope is that participants will leave with a renewed perspective so that when they read about judgment in Scripture, they also look for the larger picture of mercy to God's people, including the role of Jesus.  I intend to set up and discuss larger themes of judgment against the nations and even Israel as part of the plan of redemption, and then bring the focus into the New Testament and Jesus' role as the final judge." 

 Lecture 1:  Judgment:  Good News? 

We will look at some of these big events and see that God uses judgment for good, to preserve and provide mercy for his people and to move the plan of redemption forward.

 Lecture 2:   Nineveh:  A Case Study  

By looking at a specific example, we will come to see that God’s judgment is not a random declaration of violence but a considered, focused intervention for the benefit of his people

 Lecture 3:   Jesus:  Savior and Judge 

As our king, Jesus’s role includes meting out justice and protecting his people. It’s a role that is spoken of less in recent decades but is a crucial part of his kingdom power.  Reclaiming this part of Jesus ministry is crucial to having a complete view of who he is and how the plan of redemption is completed.

Kim is a seminary graduate, a long-term Study Group Leader at Women in the Word, and an editor of the Journal of Biblical Counseling.  She teaches Bible in her local PCA congregation and particular loves to study and teach the Old Testament prophets!  See Kim's book suggestions on her topic under "Listen and Read Resources."





For 2018:

PAIGE BRITTON will teach on "A Scepter of Righteousness," a themed journey through redemptive history.

Paige and her husband live in Lancaster County, PA, where she home-schools her son and daughter.  Paige is a writer and moderator for the Reformed blog Green Baggins ( and does freelance editing for pastors, seminarians, and The Confessional Presbyterian.  Her writing has also appeared in Modern Reformation Magazine,, and the World Reformed Fellowship website (  Paige has created a new webiste called "the Grass Roots Theological Library." to support people who study Scripture largely on their own.  Check it out!  She and her family are members of Faith Reformed Presbyterian Church in Quarryville, PA

One of the most important gifts we hope Workshop participants will take away is the sense that the Bible tells a coherent, interconnected story about God's intention to save a people for Himself through Christ. Each book and passage fits somewhere on the timeline of this story, and our understanding of this "Big Picture" will affect our ability to carefully interpret each smaller part. 

Women in the Word recommends that you listen to Paige's 2012, 2013, and 2014 talks for an overview of what "redemptive history" is, if the concept is new to you.









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