Evangelism and Missions

The Commission on Evangelism and Missions
“From the rising of the sun to its setting the name of the Lord is to be praised” (Psalm 113:3)
1.   Statement of Purpose:
Jesus Christ is on a mission in this world, and our business as churches and Christians is to go with him!     The church was set up to be a mission-society.    In our mission, we have a duty to be totally faithful to Jesus’ own Word, and totally dependant on the guidance and enabling of his Spirit.     Jesus prayed that we would have a unity that would impress the world with the truth of his claims.
Our aims are:
  • To stimulate and encourage the members of the WRF in and for the task of Mission.
  • To promote the fully Biblical study, discussion and practice of Mission.
  • To provide a useful network for members involved in Mission.
2. Membership of the Commission
The Commission aims to be representative of the WRF’s whole range of membership and expertise.      Each of WRF’s Regional Groups will be represented, along with various specialist aspects of Mission, such as urban missions, church-planting, justice and mercy ministries, and Muslim evangelism.
The Co-Convenors of the Commission are Dr. Rob Norris and Dr. Tito Lajara.
Those who have an interest in being part of the work of this Commission should contact Dr. Samuel Logan at samueltlogan@aol.com .
 3. Activities of the Commission
Our main resource will be the WRF web-site, which has been especially designed to meet the needs of a world-wide community where travel can be difficult or prohibitively costly.     We will also have a strong input to the regular WRF Assemblies.
The Missions and Evangelism section of the web-site will provide:
- a supportive and stimulating resource for Reformed Christians working in isolation or in non-Reformed mission contexts;
- a networking point for all Reformed missionaries and mission organisations, to stimulate missiological thinking with a world-wide perspective, to share the experience and wisdom of their ministries, and to fuel intelligent and fervent prayer;
- a point of entry into the whole world of Reformed thought and activity in the realm of missions and missiology, useful for seminaries, students and practitioners of mission.
Missions and Evangelism cover a vast range of issues – indeed, all theology is ultimately a missions issue!    Our agenda will reflect the varying concerns of churches and evangelists in different parts of the world.      We desire to have the widest possible input from the worldwide Reformed family, so that we can enrich each other’s thinking and stimulate each other’s practice.  
Some of the big issues that are already on our agenda are these:
1.  Mission and Church   (The nature of the church and church-planting in a globalised world)
2.  Mission and Theology (its place in Confessions; how it shapes all theology)
3.  Mission and Justice    (mission in word and deed; in conflict situations; campaigning)
4.  Mission and Prayer    (support and funding; information; concert of prayer)
5.  Mission and Society   (changing patterns of society and the shape of mission)
6.  Mission and Other Religions (issues of persecution, contextualisation and uniqueness)
7.  Mission and Methodology (approaches to evangelism; selection and training, etc)
Our usefulness will depend on every member of the WRF using these resources to widen their horizons and to stimulate their thinking, praying and doing. 
Contributions for posting on the WRF web-site, in any of the above areas, may be submitted by members of the WRF. The contact e-mail is samueltlogan@aol.com .