Theological Education


The Commission on Theological Education was established by the Executive Committee of the World Reformed Fellowship at its General Assembly held at Johannesburg, South Africa, on March 7-10, 2006. The mandate given is “to facilitate international cooperation among those involved in the work of evangelical Reformed theological education to the end that the entire Church of Jesus Christ is strengthened.” 

The Need 

The need was keenly felt by the participants at the Assembly that we should form a network of theological schools that hold to the Reformed faith, and of seminary teachers, mostly from the Two-Thirds World, who have been trained in Reformed seminaries in the West and now serving in schools not necessarily of Reformed theological persuasion around the globe. They need support and encouragement. 

The Objectives

  1. To promote fellowship among theological schools and teachers who share the common evangelical Reformed faith; 
  2. To share resources and experiences such as library, learning and teaching, by means of visits, communication, short-term teaching and conferences; 
  3. To explore ways to maximize the impact of Reformed theology on leadership development by means of curriculum design, spiritual formation, contextual theological construction; 
  4. To discuss and study issues of concern such as accreditation, mentoring, online education, placement assistance, and to share our findings through publications and the WRF website.

Leadership of the Commission 

The Co-Chairs of the Commission are Dr. Ric Cannada and Dr. Davi Gomes. 

Current Initiatives of the Commission

The Theological Education Commission is currently involved in two major projects:

1. Working with the Lausanne Movement and several other organizations, the WRF will sponsor a major Consultation on Global Theological Education in Sao Paulo, Brazil, from June 2 through June 6, 2014.  The theme of this Consultation will be “Toward Missional Biblical Partnerships in Global Theological Education.”  We anticipate that there will be a total of 70 leaders in evangelical theological education at the Consultation, at least 55% from the Majority World.  Further deatils about this Consultation will be posted here as soon as they become available.

2.  Creating links among a number of WRF member schools which are involved in training individuals for ministry in the context of Islam.  In November of 2011, the WRF brought together 30 Muslim Background Christians to discuss what they thought were the key resources to which those involved in ministry to Muslims should have access.  This work was further developed in a Consultation held in Orlando, Florida, in February of 2013.  By November of 2013, the specific institutions which will be part of this network will be identified and the specific strengths they will bring to the network will be determined. 

3.. Working with the International Council on Evangelical Theological Education (ICETE) to create a list of the accredited Reformed seminaries and theological colleges around the world.  Again, as the work progresses on this initiative, reports will be provided here.

For input to the Theological Education Commission, contact Dr. Samuel Logan at .