Current Issues

July 21, 2012


Click on the link below for a discussion by WRF member Mike Milton of the eternal love of God for those who are His. 


July 6, 2012

The link below will take you to Dr. Thomas Johnson's explanation of and comments on "The Global Charter of Conscience."

July 1, 2012

Click the link below for Dr. Mike Milton's comments on the U. S. Supreme Court's Decision regarding healthcare.

Dr. Milton is Chancellor of Reformed Theological Seminary and may be contacted at

June 4, 2012

Click on the link below to read Dr. Mike Milton's exposition of I Corinthians 3.  This exposition was delivered on Thursday, May 31, at the Consultation on Theological Education sponsored by the WRF, the Lausanne Movement, and several other organizations.

Dr. Milton is a member of the WRF and serves as the Chancellor and CEO at Reformed Theological Seminary.  His e-mail address is .


May 26, 2012

The link below will take you to the statement of the Reformed Church in America (New York Classis) regarding gay marriage.

This item was submitted by WRF Board member, Dr. Robert Geehan, who serves an RCA congregation in Poughkeepsie, New York.  Dr. Geehan may be contacted at .

May 17, 2012


Allan Harman is a member of the WRF living and ministering in Australia.  Until 2010, he was a member of the WRF Board of Directors.

Dr. Harman has just published volumes on Matthew Henry and on the Psalms.  The publisher for these books in Christian Focus Publications, an organizational member of the WRF.

May 17, 2012

Below is a link to Bible Study material based on the lives of the saints (Old Testament, New Testament, and beyond).  This material was prepared by WRF member Peter Jansson, an attorney, living in Racine, Wisconsin.  His wife, Karen, is a member of the WRF Board.

Mr. Jansson uses this material with a fellowship group which meets in his home and which draws participants from a variety of church backgrounds in Racine.  Comments or questions about this material may be sent to the WRF office and they will be forwarded to Mr. Jansson at regular intervals.