In the 21st century in certain parts of our world, Islam has become the major force confronted by evangelical Reformed Christians.  Missions, evangelism, and apologetics are all involved in responding Christianly to the challenge of Islam.  How can/should Christians deal with this challenge so that the challenge, in fact, becomes a Kingdom opportunity? 

Some religious leaders believe that there are moral and ethical "points of contact" between conservative Islam and evangelical Christianity.  Are there? And if there are, how should these "points of contact" be utilized?  But in addition to possible moral and ethical "points of contact" between Islam and Christianity, some scholars believe that there are theological "points of contact" between Christianity and Islam, that both religions share, for example, a "common word" and perhaps even worship the same God.

At our 2010 General Assembly in Edinburgh, a decision was made to commit the resources of the WRF to an intensive study of how we might assist our members in understanding Islam and in ministering in the context of Islam and that Consultation was carried out in November of 2011

This section provides materials from that Consultation and other materials as well.


WRF member Steve Taylor comments on the “SIL International Statement of Best Practices for Bible Translation of Divine Familial Terms.” Steve may be reached at 


The material below was provided by WRF member Phil [last name not provided here at Phil's request for security reasons].  Phil may be contacted at


The link at the bottom below will take you to a fascinating article entitled, "The Potential for Evangelical Application in the Shi'a Islamic Doctrine of Revelation." 

An Exploration of the Concept of Apostasy in Islam
WRF Member Joshua Woo Sze Zeng
It is a difficult book to characterize. It is, Brian McLaren observed, “a real page-turner.” It is that. It has the feel of a novel, a socio-political analysis of the Muslim world, a philosophy of religions and a work of missiology.

No Virtue, No Valor: Martyrdom in Christianity and Islam 

Steve Curtis, M.A.R., M.R.E., Ph.D. (candidate)
Executive Director
Evangelical Reformed Fellowship

Tainted Legacy: Islam, Colonialism, and Slavery in Northern Nigeria by
WRF Member Yusufu Turaki, Ph.D. 

The Pew Foundation has just completed a new report on the location of Muslims around the world.  

See the full 62-page report at the following location:

Something quite unusual has happened in the past year on the world stage regarding religion. Muslims have said to Christians, ‘come now, let us reason together for the sake of peace between us’.