Regional Boards

Here is information about The WRF's Regional Boards.

Through involvement with the WRF, member organizations are providing channels for networking and forming partners to share gifts and resources and to make pressing needs known to the larger body of Christ.

Asia Regional Ministry Advisory Board 

This section is currently under development. 

For information, contact Dr. Benyamin Intan.

Two denominations from this region are presently members of the World Reformed Fellowship - The Presbyterian Church of Australia and Grace Presbyterian Church in New Zealand. 

Meetings have been held between these denominations (in June of 2007) and mutual activities and support are being developed. 

In September of 2007, at the annual General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church of Australia, Dr. Andrew McGowan, Vice-Chairman of the World Reformed Fellowship, brought the daily biblical expositions and met with interested parties to describe the work of the WRF. 

The inaugural meeting of the European Regional Ministry Advisory Board of the WRF took place in London on 20th March 2002. At that meeting a Board of Reference and a Steering Group were established. The members of the Board of Reference are effectively the ‘patrons’ of the European Regional Ministry Advisory Board and the members of the Steering Group are the ones who manage the work on a day to day basis. Those who agreed to serve on the Board of Reference are: The Rev Eric J. Alexander; Dr Sinclair B.

The World Reformed Fellowship had its beginning in 1993 as the World Fellowship of Reformed Churches (WFRC) when the concept of a worldwide confessional fellowship of Reformed churches took concrete form. Talks between the Presbyterian Church in America, the Igreja Presbiteriana do Brasil, and the Iglesia Nacional Presbiteriana de México led to the invitation of other churches from all over Latin America and the world to join the Fellowship. 

We believe a North American regional fellowship would be a force for unity and mission. Separated as we are by denominational and other divisions, it is often difficult to work together. The WRF brings together brothers and sisters who share a commitment to the Reformed tradition in its various manifestations but who otherwise might have little fellowship with one another. The sharing of ideas, dreams, ministry models, stories, etc. is a powerful tool for the mission of the church.